Friday, June 8, 2012

Con"grad"ulations, Class of 2012!

I must reference the exhausted cliche that graduating from high school is usually a "bittersweet" time. High school graduates must say goodbye to the past and sources of comfort that they will surely miss. The challenges ahead may at times seem daunting, but ultimately I believe that this critical milestone is far "sweeter" than it is "bitter." With college comes freedom and discovery; new ideas, new challenges, new victories. The transition is exciting; college guides you into adulthood, and more importantly, a step closer to your destiny. On that note, we would like to warmly congratulate our six LSF Senior Scholars. Each senior provided a quote that encapsulates their time in the LSF Scholars Program, and we will let their words speak for themselves. We are so proud of them and wish them "salud y suerte" with all of their endeavors! 
Cynthia Alfaro
Academy of the Holy Cross, Class of 2012
Catholic University of America, Class of 2016
“Working with the Latino Student Fund these past years has been wonderful.  I am very thankful what LSF has provided and given me.  They have given me an opportunity to achieve my goals and strive for more.”  
Ananda Gonzalez
Edmund Burke School, Class of 2012
Columbia University, Class of 2016
“The Latino Student Fund has greatly aided me in my academic career by allowing me to attend some of the best schools in DC, and encouraging me to always achieve academic excellence.” It has been a pleasure to meet and be surrounded by other Latinos in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area who are as driven as I am. The Latino Student Fund has taught me to dream without boundaries, because it is the dreamers of today who become the leaders of tomorrow.” 

India Gonzalez
Edmund Burke School, Class of 2012
Columbia University, Class of 2016
“Latino Student Fund has provided me with the money needed to attend a school where I am challenged every day, and get individual attention from my teachers. Because of Latino Student Fund, I have been given the opportunity to achieve nothing less than excellence; I am encouraged to dream big, and persevere against all odds.”

Joel Mu├▒oz
Archbishop Carroll School, Class of 2012
Long Island University, Class of 2016
“Without my mother’s care and nourishment, I would be a tumbleweed in the field. Thankfully Latino Student Fund has been able to provide financial help and mentorship, which has been completely life changing.”  

Alexis Rudolph
Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Class of 2012
Goucher College, Class of 2016
“My experience with LSF over the past five years has been fantastic. I'm grateful for all the opportunities that have been provided to me and I can only hope to one day make a difference in people's lives the way LSF has made a difference in mine.

Aaron Wong
St. Alban's School, Class of 2012
Stanford University, Class of 2016
“The Latino Student Fund has enabled me to embark on an intellectual journey of academics and life wisdom…Without the LSF, I would not be where I am today.

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